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Floor Restoration

Wooden floors, particularly if they’ve experienced excessively heavy traffic or have been neglected, can become scuffed and discoloured. Sanding them can remove stains, discoloured varnish or unwanted finishes and restore floors to their original beauty.

Our knowledge of the various types of woods is invaluable when it comes to sanding and rejuvenating old floors. Besides using professional dust-free sanders and having the range of sanding and buffing tools to conquer those difficult corners and angles, we know what works.

Sanding hardwood floors in particular requires some expertise in getting the levels of sanding abrasion just right and avoiding and damage that an inexperienced sander might cause.

The sanding process starts by using quite a harsh abrasive to remove the existing floor finish and any stains or scratches. We will then sand the floor with increasingly finer abrasive settings to achieve the final smooth result.

If your floors have large gaps between the planks we can also fill them as part of the sanding process. We will use some of the clean, finer sawdust created by the sanding, mix it with resin, and use this mixture to plug the gaps. Once set we will sand the floor again to ensure a finely honed finish.

All that remains after this is for the wood to be sealed or finished.

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